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What is the raw material of stevia extract?

Stevia compositae perennial herbs are a common source of plant extracts. Stevia is native to the alpine meadows of Paraguay and Brazil in South America. Stevia stevia extract, as an important plant extract material for chemical industry, has been introduced and cultivated in most areas of China since 1977, such as yunnan, anhui, jiangsu, hubei and henan.

The appearance of stevia is of great ornamental value. The plant is up to 1 -- 1.3 m tall. The roots are hypertrophy, the base is lignified, and the corolla base is pale purple. Its leaves contain higher inulin glycosides, the fine products can be presented as white powder, is a natural sweetener, so stevia in the plant extract is widely used by the food and drug industry.

Stevia stevia as a raw material in plant extracts has such high ornamental and economic development value, in order to meet the huge market space for plant extracts, it is also a large number of high-quality reproduction by related industries. Stevia's reproduction methods are mainly divided into two types: first, seed reproduction, usually in the south directly in plain row sowing and seedling. In the north mainly to hotbed seedling. Second, cuttage propagation, cutting cuttings to bud before the survival rate is higher. In addition, layering can also be used for reproduction, but this method is only used in seed selection to preserve excellent individual plants, and is not suitable for large-scale cultivation and promotion. With so many breeding methods available, stevia extract's place in the plant extract family is growing.

Therefore, stevia stevia extract, a plant extract that can be extracted from stevia stevia, has made a great contribution to the pursuit of better quality of life.

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