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What function does gardenia glycoside in plant extract have?

Geniposide is a kind of mature from gardenia jasminoides rubiaceae plant dry fruits extracted by advanced extraction and separation technology of natural plant extracts, belong to the iridoid compounds, white to brownish yellow crystalline powder, gardenoside content of high and low impact its color, so there are different colors of geniposide, they are only different content. Gardenia has a slight odor. It is soluble in water and ethanol, but not in petroleum ether. The molecular formula of geniposide is C17H24O10, the molecular weight is 388.3664, the boiling point is 622.2℃ at room temperature and pressure, the flash point is 224℃, and the density is 1.49g/cm3.

Gardenoside USES is very wide, in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries widely used in food, beverage and other industries can be made according to the different fermentation conditions of the use of natural colorants added use, common such as gardenia blue, gardenia red and gardenia yellow, not only can be used as used in the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, liver, heart and cerebrovascular API, still can rise to inhibit gastric secretion, reduce pancreatic amylase, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, HuanXie etc.

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