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Where can I get stevia extract?

Stevia is a perennial herbaceous plant of the compositae family, dicotyledon class, native to the north of South America. It likes to grow in humid and warm areas. The temperature is suitable for its growth at 20℃~25℃, but it cannot adapt to the growth in arid areas. In our food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries, products are mostly used a new type of sweeteners, stevia extract, this is a kind of extracted from plants stevia plant extracts, is often as a substitute sucrose sweeteners for all or part of the application in various fields, to increase the sweetness of products, improve product flavor and taste of the product.

Stevia as a source of stevia extract not only has the advantages of fewer pests, also has the advantages of wide adaptability, strong resistance, therefore, planted stevia under the scientific and rational planting and management, through advanced processing technology, can get high quality stevia extract, it can meet the production demands of all walks of life.

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