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Where to export stevia extract in large quantities?

Stevia stevia extract is a kind of natural sweetener with low calorie and high sweetness extracted from stevia plant. It is also a natural plant extract, which is usually used as sweetener in various fields, such as beverage, medicine, feed, food, condiment, health care products, daily chemical, skin care products and other industries.

Surging demand for stevia extract, for stevia planting area also has a certain influence, stevia plant native to South America, through the introduction of multiple countries, covered all over the world, but China's growing power and exporter as a stevia, can satisfy the stevia extract the demand of the market, large-scale cultivation of stevia, advanced extraction technology, can provide the stevia extract yield and quality, meet the requirements of the use of stevia extracts of different industries, therefore, received high praise from all walks of life.

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