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What factors affect the quality of stevia stevia extract?

Stevia extract is a plant extract from stevia in the compositae family. This plant likes to grow in a warm and humid environment. The temperature of 20℃~25℃ is suitable for its growth. Although stevia extracts are mainly derived from stevia leaves, the root system also plays an important role in the growth of stevia, through which it can absorb most of the water and nutrients needed for growth.

The amount of water obtained by stevia stevia is directly related to the healthy growth of stevia stevia, and the output of stevia stevia extract naturally has a very big impact. Proper amount of water can make stevia stevia grow healthily, so as to obtain better stevia extract. Stevia stevia extract, as a natural plant extract, has a high application value in the market, involving food, beverage, feed, medicine, cosmetics, wine making, daily chemical and many other industries, mainly to increase the sweetness, improve the flavor and other effects.

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