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How to obtain magnolia officinalis extract from plant extract?

The extraction of magnolia officinalis extract is mainly obtained through the production process of magnolia officinalis extract or extraction and separation of magnolia officinalis extract and magnolia officinalis extract, which is a natural plant extract.

Magnolia bark extract production process in place, first of all, we will smash magnolia bark, and ethanol infiltrating 12 hours, infiltration Lu tube, you need to use about 12 times the amount of ethanol diacolation, then collect diacolation liquid, reduced pressure recovery of ethanol, magnolia officinalis liquid extract, yield is only about 9% of the method, the solids content of about 85%, containing more than 11% of honokiol, and 5% of honokiol.

When extracting and separating honokiol and honokiol, it is necessary to take crude powder of dried magnolia bark, add 1/5 amount (W/W) of quicklime powder, mix it evenly, then use 15~20 times of distilled water for percolation, and then add hydrochloric acid in the obtained percolation solution to adjust the PH value to 2~3, and let stand. The precipitated precipitates were collected and washed with distilled water to adjust the PH value to 6~7. After drying, alumina could be added at a ratio of 1:10. After stirring evenly, it was placed in an extractor and extracted with cycloethane. Will get cyclohexane extract liquid for enrichment, put the cold, white crystalline precipitation after filtration, crystallization and mother liquor, the crystallization in recrystallization, using cyclohexane can get honokiol, mother liquor after enrichment will precipitate white crystal, with cyclohexane was carried out on the white crystalline recrystallization, colorless flaky crystal, this is the honokiol, crystallization, the use of the method to make the honokiol yield reached 74%, and honokiol yield up to 85%.

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