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What are the active components of loquat leaf extract?

A kind of plant extract isolated from the leaves of plant loquat is called loquat leaf extract, which is a kind of plant extract composed of triterpenes, flavonoids, volatile oil, organic acids, polyphenols, sesquiterpenes and other effective components. There are also many components combinations in different effective components.

Triterpenes: there are more than ten triterpenes in the extract of loquat leaves, most of which are ursulane type and oleangotane type pentacyclic triterpenes.

Flavonoids: mainly including kaempferol, elastin, rhamnose, glucose, galactose, etc.

Volatile oil: main components include acacia alcohol, orange blossom tertiary alcohol, laurene, camphor, alcohol pinene, para - camphor linalool, etc.

Organic acids: mainly contain citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid and other organic acids;

Polyphenols: mainly including flavane-3-alcohol, flavonoids, etc.

Sesquiterpenes: mainly monocyclic sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

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