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What are the effects of plant extracts isolated from tomatoes?

Natural plant pigment many no such as lycopene and lutein, chlorophyll and carotene, among them, the earliest lycopene is a kind of isolated from solanaceae plant tomato plant extracts, also mainly exist in the natural pigment in tomato fruit mature, is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can be found, therefore is called lycopene.

Actually lycopene is a kind of isoprene compounds, belongs to the carotenoid, it is an effective prevention and cure various diseases caused by aging, immune system, as a result of the lycopene oxidation resistance, can clear the free radicals in the body, and the effect is much better than other carotenoids and vitamin E, effectively by means of physical and chemical quenching singlet oxygen or capture superoxide free radicals.

Lycopene as a plant extract, although do not have physiological activity of vitamin A, but lack of superior physiological function, can not only play the role of cancer suppressor, also to prevent cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases in adults, as well as anti-aging, enhance the body's immune system can play A significant, is A development prospect of A new type of functional natural pigment.

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