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Which plant extract can be isolated from the tea tree mushroom?

Tea tree mushroom is a kind of plant mainly distributed in subtropical and north temperate regions, and it is widely distributed in fujian, hunan, zhejiang, jiangxi, guizhou and other places in China.

A kind of plant extract can be isolated from the fruiting body of tea tree mushroom of the fecal rust family, that is, tea tree mushroom extract. Its effective component is tea tree mushroom polysaccharide. After extracting and refining tea tree mushroom extract, it is usually in powder form and has a slightly bitter taste.

Tea tree mushroom extract contains rich nutrition, when the raw material plant tea tree mushroom for a long time to bacteria, help the mycelium to gather energy and accumulation of fruiting body growth and development, thus becoming the treasure in the mushroom. Tea tree mushroom extract isolated from tea tree mushroom can improve immunity, protect damaged tissues, improve myocardial hypoxia, prevent and cure ulcers, and delay aging. Therefore, tea tree mushroom is very common in medical production.

As a common plant extract in skin care products, medicine and health care products, tea tree mushroom extract is helpful to improve the use effect of the product.

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