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What kind of plant extract is flaxseed extract?

Flax seed extract is a kind of food, medicine, chemical and other industries are widely used in plant extracts, derived from the flax plant flax seed, planted in heilongjiang province of China, this plant has a wide distribution in jilin area, the main plant extracts can be used as emulsifier, foaming agent, thickening agent, adhesives, stabilizer and so on.

Linseed oil, linseed gum and lignans are the main components of flaxseed extract.

Linseed gum is a natural plant colloid extracted from flaxseed. Its main components are polysaccharides and proteins, among which polysaccharides include d-xylose, d-galactose, l-fucose, l-arabinose, l-rhamnose, etc.

The content of flaxseed oil in flaxseed accounts for more than 35%, and the main components are linolenic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.

The main lignans in flaxseed are cyclo-opening iso-larch resinolone and its glycoside cyclo-opening iso-larch resinolone disglucoside.

As a common plant extract, flaxseed extract is widely used in many fields.

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