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How to use plant extracts correctly?

Plant extracts are widely used. In recent years, plant extracts have also developed rapidly and are often used as food additives, feed additives, colorants and auxiliaries in various industries. So what about the quality of plant extracts?

Plant extracts key lies in the quality of the extraction process and extracting process a lot, such as microwave assisted extraction, ultrasonic extraction, solvent extraction, enzyme extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, etc., under the technology continues to improve, also the optimization and upgrading of products, plant extracts effective natural plant ingredients of the plant extracts have be effective through after obtaining the use right of the extraction technology and application, security, stability, applicability and so on are recognized after countless experiments, we can't all think plant extracts are safe and stable, but are we allowed to use, Moreover, the amount of plant extracts controlled within the permitted range can be recognized by everyone in terms of safety. According to different plant extracts, there will be relevant regulations on the use method and dosage, which will help us make better use of plant extracts.

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