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Can any plant extract be added to skin care products?

The so-called added natural ingredients in most skin care products we use now are mainly plant extracts. The effective active ingredients in plant extracts include volatile oil, alkaloids, flavonoids, polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids, etc., but can all plant extracts be added to skin care products? The answer is no. Although we know that plant extracts have many benefits, not only for beauty, but also for nutrition and health, not all plant extracts can be used in skin care products. For example, plant extracts that are toxic or irritating cannot be added to skin care products.

The use of plant extracts in cosmetics needs to refer to the production regulations of relevant skin care products, rather than the use of plant extracts and dosage at will. The safety of skin care products needs to be ensured, which is the most basic guarantee for consumers. Of course, even if some plant extracts are allowed to be added into skin care products, they are not suitable for every consumer, especially those with allergy history. It is suggested that consumers should try out the new skin care products before buying them. If they have bought new skin care products, they should try them out first and use them normally without discomfort.

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