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What effect does the plant extract added in skin care products have?

The application of plant extracts is very wide. We often see plant extracts added in skin care products, which make use of pure natural plant active ingredients for skin care. In fact, there was a history of such application as early as in ancient China. More than 3,000 years ago in China, people used artemisia and artemisia plants for bathing and burning to clean the body and prevent diseases, but there was no advanced extraction technology at that time. In the compendium of materia medica compiled by li shizhen in the Ming dynasty, there are many kinds of plants of aromatic grass and fragrant wood and their usage. Today's technology makes it easier for us to use plant extracts.

Common use in our skin care products, plant extracts have fleece-flower root extract, grape seed extract, honeysuckle extract, aloe extract, ginseng extract, Chinese wolfberry extract, etc., add these plant extracts in skin care products, some can play a whitening effect, and some can be nourishing effect, some can be anti-aging effect, can prevent bask in effect, a lot of plant extracts and various effects, add a natural plant extracts to protect skin to taste with consumers, too.

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