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What is the current development of plant extracts?

Plant extracts were previously mainly extracted from some traditional Chinese medicines. Gradually, researchers found that more plants could extract effective active ingredients, attracting people's attention. Of course, the application scope of plant extract has also been expanded, including medicine, cosmetics, drinks, food, food additives, feed additives, pesticides and other industries. Among them, beverage and food account for the largest proportion in the consumption structure of plant extracts industry, more than 60%. There are some differences in the application of plant extracts in different countries and regions. Some countries and regions mainly apply plant extracts to cosmetics, health care products and medicines, and some apply them to diets. However, plant extracts have been well developed.

Since the development of plant extracts, the extraction technology of plant extracts has also been greatly improved, which can provide enough high-quality plant extracts for the market. Advanced technologies for extracting plant extracts include ultrasonic extraction, membrane separation, enzymatic extraction, microwave extraction, supercritical extraction, etc. These advanced technologies also promote the continuous development of plant extracts.

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