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Which plant extracts are used as sweeteners?

Stevia extract belongs to one of the plant extracts, stevia raw material is native to central and South America, but this kind of raw material in the last century, after the introduction of many countries and regions, successfully grown, in many countries and regions in China is introduced, and planted all over the country, in China's hubei, henan, jiangsu, fujian, guangdong, jiangxi and other places, has planted stevia extract. The plant extract has become popular in recent years and is mainly used as a sweetener to sweeten products and soften the taste that is not acceptable to consumers.

Stevia extract, as a natural plant extract, is not only safe, but also very low in calories. Compared with common natural sweeteners, stevia extract has very prominent advantages. Low quantity of heat, high sweetness, high safety, no toxicity, no side effects, this sweetener can eat but not fat oh!

Introduction to stevia extract plant extracts

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