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What plant extracts are commonly used in skin care products?

Ginseng extract, rhodiola rosea extract, astragalus extract, wolfberry extract and grape seed extract are all plant extracts.They all come from plants. After the extraction and separation of plants, one or more effective active ingredients are obtained directionally, which are plant extracts. They are often used in food, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemicals, pesticides and other industries.

Ginseng extract is also a kind of common plant extracts, this kind of plant extracts have strong antibacterial anti-inflammatory function is ok that is commonly used in many high-end cosmetics a kind of natural plant extracts, because ginseng extract contains ginseng saponin, vitamins, amino acids, such as kang material composition, can promote skin blood capillary blood circulation, increase the supply of nutrients for the skin, prevent the occurrence of hardening of the arteries, the function of skin moisture balance. Ginseng extract can be used in anti-aging, moisturizing, reducing wrinkles and other effects of skin care products. Ginseng extract, as a plant extract with antioxidant activity, can not only be used in skin care industry, but also in medicine, food and other industries.

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