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How to make better use of plant extracts?

Constantly in the process of biochemical metabolism in plant and has accumulated a variety of chemicals, constitutes the chemical composition of plants, in plant extracts, a lot of more phyletic, the chemical composition and the components in the different parts of the plant will also there is a difference, glycosides, alkaloids, flavonoids, volatile oil, polysaccharide, organic acid is the main active ingredients of plant extracts, in addition, plant extracts and the protein, amino acid, tannin, mineral, oil and other ingredients.

Plant extracts a variety of active ingredients make it can be used in many industries, for example, plant extracts in cosmetics, skin type of medicine and therapeutic cosmetics can protect the skin, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, resistance to stimulate and anti-infection effect, in the use of plant extracts, both single plant extracts and combination of many kinds of plant extracts, can achieve good effect, but the application of compound plant extracts can play a more and show its performance.

Introduction to stevia extract plant extracts

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