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What are the characteristics of active ingredients in plant extracts?

Flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosides, organic acids, polysaccharides and volatile oils are the main active components in plant extracts.

Flavonoids are widely found in various parts of plants, especially flowers and leaves of plants. They contain abundant flavonoids, which have the functions of lowering pressure, inhibiting bacteria, reducing inflammation, anti-oxidation and detoxifying. Common flavonoids include anthocyanins and tea polyphenols.

Alkaloids are vegetable alkaloids, basic nitrogenous organic compounds with significant biological activity or toxicity, but they are also important active ingredients in Chinese herbs. Alkaloids are generally insoluble or insoluble in water, alcohol, etc., but are easily soluble in organic solvents. Different plants contain different kinds of alkaloids, the common alkaloids are vincristine, berberine and vasopressin.

Organic acids are the most effective substitutes for antibiotics, which can play a role in regulating gastrointestinal flora and anti-corrosion. Common organic acids include citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and lactic acid.

In plant extracts, glycosides are produced by the combination of sugar and flavonoids or classified compounds. They are neutral or acidic and have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Common glycosides include salicylate and saponin.

Polysaccharide in plant extract is a polysaccharide compound composed of more than 10 monosaccharides, which can mainly play a role in regulating immunity and lowering cholesterol. Common polysaccharide compounds include algae polysaccharide and edible fungus polysaccharide.

Rose essential oil, peppermint oil is our common volatile oil, volatile, most of the volatile oil with aroma, its main role is to activate blood, heat, pharynx effect.

Different components of plant extracts have different effects. Have you got it?

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