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How safe are plant extracts?

Plant extracts can be added to the skin care products, moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing and whitening effect, still can rise to remove free radicals of skin, promote skin metabolism, anti-wrinkle effect, adding plant extracts by moist skin, whiten skin, anti-aging to comprehensively improve the function of the skin, keep skin in good function.

Degree of natural skincare products and active ingredients are consumers particularly concerned about the topic, makes every effort to use in skin care products natural plant material, is mainly the use of plant extracts, and the more the effect of highly active ingredients, under such a development needs, as has the active ingredients of plant extracts in the application of skin care products industry has a relatively good development prospects, but production enterprises in the use of plant extracts, should be established on the scientific application of the system, using plant extracts, need the analysis of plant extracts to effectively, and to strengthen the security performance of plant extracts, Plant extracts can be added to skin care products, and safety and efficacy tests need to be carried out before they are launched on the market, so as to reassure the vast number of consumers.

Introduction to stevia extract plant extracts

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