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Plant extract, a common ingredient in cosmetics

There are many kinds of plant extracts, such as hesperidin, naringin, stevia extract and gardenoside, which are common plant extracts. Generally, plant extracts are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, pesticide, cosmetics, daily chemicals, feed and other industries. Today, let's learn about the application of plant extracts in cosmetics.

Men, women, children, the elderly can choose some suitable for their own use cosmetics, is an essential part of in our daily life, although we have more and more high to the requirement of cosmetics, health, safety, functional cosmetics, by all of us in the process of the production of cosmetics, the use of plant extracts is becoming more and more common. Plant extracts advantages are very obvious, not only source is wide, and the mechanism of the plant extracts has strong pertinence, according to the effect of whitening, anti-aging, sunscreen, sterilization, in the production of cosmetics related functions while the effect of plant extracts, safety not only, also more easily accepted by consumers, so, the application prospect of plant extracts are very broad.

Introduction to stevia extract plant extracts

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