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How many products use stevia extract?

Stevia extract is a kind of glycosidesynthesis extracted from stevia leaves. It is not only high in sweetness, butalso low in calories. It is widely used as a new type of natural sweetener infood and beverage industry.

Add stevia extract is not much at thebeginning, only about a dozen 2 ten places, it was not until 2012 that add stevia extract is still dissatisfied with a quarter of global sugar food, but in2017 August, statistics has reached 27% of the world's sugar food, even morethan the zero-calorie sweetener aspartame, become a kind of popular sweetenermarket upper-middle sweeteners.

Add stevia extract a lot of enterprise,mainly large drinks companies, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, unified, nestle, etc.,through the use of stevia extract for reducing sugar plan use stevia extractcan effectively reduce the heat of the products, not only so, stevia extract isa kind of help us healthy sweetener, can help us eliminate sugar concerns, suchas causing some diseases such as obesity, high blood sugar, high bloodpressure.

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