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Which sweetener is more acceptable?

Sugar is cause us a big important metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, in 2015, the world health organization announced a policy of reducing sugar, will recommend sugar intake of calories than from the original 10% to 5%, for adult standard weight, sugar intake of about 25 g of a day, this is to remind us to do with the control of sugar intake. Food is the main source of our sugar. In the past, white sugar, brown sugar, maltose, etc. are all high-calorie sweeteners, which are also the main source of food calories. If we can replace the sweetener in food with other sweeteners without sugar, it will be good. With our efforts, stevia extract has entered the sweetener market and achieved great success.

Stevia extract has won people's hearts with its low calorie, high sweetness and non-toxic side effects, and the taste of stevia extract is very similar to that of sucrose, which we often eat. Stevia extract also stand up to everyone to research and test of it, developing very rapidly in recent years, the use of stevia extract product page more and more, want to eat more healthy, you should choose to use stevia extract products, especially in patients with diabetes and obesity, this is one of the few edible sweeteners can be them!

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