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Why can stevia extract be used in the pharmaceutical industry?

Our knowledge of stevia extract is mainly used as a sweetener, and the pharmacological effects of stevia extract are not well understood.By understanding the pharmacological effects of stevia extract, we can understand why the pharmaceutical industry also likes touse stevia extract.

Stevia extract is used in the pharmaceutical industry, on the one hand, because some patients cannot usehigh-calorie and high-sugar sweeteners such as sucrose, so the use of stevia extract instead of sucrose can be applied to more patients.On the other hand,stevia extract can not only reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, preventdental caries and obesity, but also promote metabolism.

Stevia extract is the main ingredient instevia sugar, stevia alcohol double indican, lai BaoDi glycosides, lai BaoDiglycosides B, lai BaoDi glycosides, lai BaoDi glycosides D C, lai BaoDinucleoside E, toure glycosides A, as from low to high purity, stevia extractcolor from light yellow to white, is A kind of crystalline powder, with A coolsweeteners, heated in general medicine processing is not does not change color,nature also more stable, is A fine sweetener and pharmaceutical raw materials.

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