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Which are the medicinal properties of stevia extract?

Stevia extract of sweeteners, we use many countries approved a low quantity of heat, high sweetness, safe and very closeto sucrose taste, easily accepted by consumers, and from stevia plant origin residents consumption of hundreds of years history, and numerous experiments found that the safety of stevia extract is very high, do not have any side effects.Stevia extract can beused as sweetener and has certain medicinal value.

Stevia extract to aid in the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, play a, the mechanism of the treatment with calcium channel blockers similar to those of western medicine, the antihypertensive efficacy of stevia extract similar to common blood pressure drugs now function, but is not the same as diuretics, calcium channel blockers,such as blood pressure medication, does not cause low potassium, palpitation,cough and other side effects.Stevia extract also ACTS as a hypoglycemic agentby promoting reduced liver glycogen formation and activation of related receptors.

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