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What are the biggest advantages of stevia extract?

Stevia is an economical crop with good performance. Why do you say so?For stevia plant is the source of stevia extract, stevia extract is referred to as "the third source of sugar"sweetener, as a sweetener, stevia extract safe, healthy and high sweetness, lowcalorie, relatively we often use some sweeteners, such as sucrose, glucose,fructose, although stevia extract nutrition could not with these sweeteners, but it doesn't likethese sweeteners cause diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dentalcaries, obesity, not only does not cause the disease, also can have the effect of prevention and treatment of these diseases, the biggest difference betweenthis is as a sweetener.

Stevia extract is not only used as asweetener, but also as a raw material of health care products. Because stevia extract can prevent and cure diabetes, hypertension, dental caries, obesity and other diseases, it can not only increase the sweetness of products, but alsoplay a role in health care.

Stevia extracts, which replace sucrose,glucose, fructose and other sweeteners, can also be used to meet the needs of people who need strict control of sugar.

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