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Which purity stevia extract is better?

Stevia extract has experienced more than 30 years of industrialization development, constantly improve the purity of stevia extract, low purity stevia extract to eat will have some an indication and menthol flavour, relatively speaking, such a sweet stevia extract feature is not perfect, but through technology, can extract high purity stevia extract, so not have an indication of high purity stevia extract, with sugar on sweeteners features more similar.

If stevia extract is intended to have abetter effect, when stevia extract is added in the production process, other sweeteners can also be added to interact with each other, which can make stevia extract exert a better effect.The deficiency of stevia extract can also be improved by developing extraction techniques or by developing new steviaextracts from stevia.At present, it is often used to add other flavoring agentsto help stevia extract reach the optimal state, but the extraction technologyand technology is not in the continuous research and development.

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