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Which substance is currently the best sweetener to replace sucrose ?

With modern people's pursuit of health food, is also a challenge for sweeteners, commonly used sugar before, although with rich nutrition, but could not avoid long-term excessive intake of sugar brings hidden trouble to people's health, sugar cane, sugar content is very high, high heat, easy to cause some diseases, such as high blood pressure,heart disease, diabetes, dental caries, obesity, etc., these are also more common in modern life of some diseases, many are caused because of unhealthy diet, so it is very important to improve our eating habits.What healthy sweetener can be used instead of sucrose?Artificial sweeteners?No, artificial sweeteners, such as cyclamate and aspartame, were once all the rage, but they have fallen by the wayside because of their health risks.So which sweetener is more in line with the trend of modern healthy living?

Stevia extract, which is currently the most ideal sweetener to replace sucrose,why do we choose stevia extract?Stevia extract is a new type of natural sweetener with low calorie and high sweetness, stable in nature, good heat resistance, convenient for use and storage, in addition, it will not cause some diseases like sucrose, but can play a preventive effect on such diseases, it is the best substitute for sugar!

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