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What kind of sweetener are used in candied fruit, candied fruit and canned goods

In our daily life, candied fruit, driedfruit, canned products are very common, in the food, contains high sugar, oftencan achieve about 70%, in recent years, among us in diseases such as obesity,high blood sugar, diabetes, high blood pressure patients more and more, on theone hand, because of lack of exercise, on the other hand is a poor diet,excessive intake of sugars, easy to cause the disease, so, people are graduallychanging diet idea, the pursuit of health, safety of food.As food producers areaware of this, they need to control the sweeteners added to their products. Of course,there may be a better alternative, which is to look for a healthy and safealternative to natural sweeteners such as sucrose, saccharin and cyclamate.Inrecent years stevia extract has started to appear on the market under theslogan "zero fat" and people have come to know the sweetener.

Substituting stevia extract for somesweeteners, such as sucrose, can reduce calories without affecting sweetness.Why?For stevia extract has high sweetness, but quantity of heat is very low,and from a health point of view, the advantage of stevia extract is not justhigh sweetness and low quantity of heat, still can prevent diseases such asobesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and can even play a role to ease, letus more at ease use these alternative use stevia extract sucrose sweetenerssuch as production of candied fruit, dried fruit and canned products.

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