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Which sweetener is used in aquatic products?

Stevia extract in aquatic products canreplace some sucrose for processing surimi products, but also for food, kelpproducts, and so on, and the effect is very good.

Stevia extract itself does not havefermentation properties, but it has a role in regulating moisture, added inaquatic products, can prevent the deterioration of aquatic products in theprotein or because of rancidity and appear brown, moldy phenomenon.

If stevia extract and sorbic acid are usedtogether, the effect is higher for aquatic products, which can not only improvethe flavor of aquatic products, but also reduce the cost of products.Steviaextract, for example, is added to kelp products to combat the stickiness ofkelp and to avoid the stiffening of kelp meat from too much sugar, making itdifficult to eat.Therefore, we suggest that stevia extract can be used insteadof some sucrose, which can not only avoid the phenomenon of loose and scorchedproducts caused by too much sugar, but also satisfy the taste of more peopleand reduce the production cost. So why not use stevia extract?

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