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What are the properties of stevia extract worth applying

Stevia extract is considered after the sugar cane, sugar beet sugar and the third has the development value of sweeteners, is regarded as the best natural sweetener to substitute sucrose, has the reputation of "the third source of sugar", in the process of stevia extract of actual application, is often cited as a kind of functional sweetener used in food and beverage.

Stevia extract has unique advantages in stability, solubility, hygroscopicity and taste.The stability of stevia extract is relatively good, usually within the PH value in the process of food and beverage production, even if heated, the stability of stevia extract is relatively stable.

It is understood that the stevia extract in organic acid solution containing sucrose for half a year's time is almost no change, and in the acid, alkali, stevia extract does not decompose, can rise to prevent precipitation, discoloration and fermentation, also can reduce viscosity, restrain the growth of the bacteria, extend the shelf life of products.

Stevia extract is easy to be used as solvent in water or ethanol. When used, it can be mixed with maltose, glucose, fructose and sucrose.When the purity of stevia extract reaches above 80%, its hygroscopicity is not great.

As for the taste of stevia extract, it has a pure sweet taste, similar to that of sucrose, but with a cool feeling. It is also 150 to 300 times as sweet as sucrose.

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