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What's the secret in stevia's leaves

Stevia extractis extracted from stevia leaf, stevia is a kind of plant height about 90 ~ 150cm of compositae plant, base in lignification, plant stem is about 0.8 ~ 1.2 cmthick, leaves opposite, oval, stevia leaf is rough, more than its inflorescencearranged in sparse room, total bud tubular, corolla white.Stevia leaves have alight aroma, and if we try to take one of them off and put it in your mouth andchew it a little bit, you can feel like you've eaten sugar, which is a coolwhite sugar taste.

Stevia extract from stevia leaves has beenused as sweetener and flavor modifier in food, beverage, feed and other fields.With the advantages of high sweetness, low calorie, high safety and non-toxicside effects, stevia extractoccupies a place in the field of sweetener.The use of stevia extract instead ofsucrose products have been on the market, by everyone's hot, it can be seenthat people's pursuit of healthy food with the material life and spiritualcivilization has been greatly improved, the quality of life requirements aregetting higher and higher.

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