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What sweeteners are you considering purchasing

We always think that artificial sweetenersare not involved in metabolism and will not affect our blood sugar level.However, if you read the report of Australian researchers on artificialsweeteners at EASD annual conference in 2018, you may not be in such abeautiful mood.

At the annual meeting, the researcherexplained that artificial sweeteners can also cause blood sugar to rise, bydisrupting the gut flora.In past clinical trials, researchers in the same grouphave found that artificial sweeteners do not raise blood sugar and maycontribute to type 2 diabetes, and that hemoglobin a1c levels increasesignificantly with the use of artificial sweeteners.The dangers of artificialsweeteners, and the side effects of sucrose, make us think for a moment aboutthe use of sweeteners.In the research and application of people, stevia extract gradually appear in the line of sight of people, more and more products,including beverages, food, feed, drugs, health products and so on industryproduction will be the majority of the cane sugar, artificial sweeteners usedstevia filed to replace, greatly reduces the quantity of heat, help us toreduce calorie intake, and from a health point of view, stevia extract canreplace the prevention of dental caries, obesity, diabetes and other diseases,so, at present, stevia extract was the best of a kind of natural sweeteners.

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