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Why stevia as a sugar substitute

Most of us have deeply love for sweet andsweet can let us open the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter substance,simply means that people feel the joyful matter, but the puzzling is that inthe past the traditional sugar, tend to be higher in calories, long-termconsumption or excessive eating is harm to our human body, such as dentalcaries, obesity, diabetes and other diseases will appear, the impact on thehealth is very big, so, for health of some products will be more willing to buyand try.

Don't know if you noticed that a lot ofproduct components in the table, there is a called stevia sugar composition,this is a kind of from stevia leaf extract of stevia extract, though, bycomparison, tang stevia sugar is one hundred times of sucrose, but low quantityof heat of advantages over most of the sweetener, amazingly, the steviaextracts can't there is no harm to human body, but also can help us avoidbecause edible sugar, artificial sweeteners cause side effects, such as itsprominent advantages let us see the future development trend of the sweetenerindustry.

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