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Where does stevia come from?What are the advantages?

Stevia, also known as stevia glycoside, isthe main active ingredient in stevia extract. It comes from the leaves of thecompositae plant stevia and is used as a new natural sweetener in themarket.Stevia as a natural sweetener has been used in the production of food,beverage, feed, daily chemicals and other products in Asia, North America,South America, the European Union and other countries.

Stevia is very sweet, 150 to 300 times assweet as sugar, but compared to sugar, stevia has some astringency and may notbe as palatable as sugar, but it is already the closest natural sweetener tosugar.In actual use process, we tend to cooperate to use stevia sugar and othersweeteners, such as citric acid, fructose, sucrose, such not only can reducethe quantity of heat, can ensure the taste, stevia sugar intake by human bodyafter different from fructose, sucrose, etc., it will not be absorbed by humanbody, also won't generate heat, so this kind of natural sweeteners can be obesepatients and diabetic patients to eat.

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