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What are the advantages of stevia extract

Stevia extract is a white to light yellowcrystalline powder or granule, taste with cool sweet, soluble in water andethanol, with good stability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, safeand non-toxic, belongs to the non-fermenting material, and will not causemaillard Browning reaction.

Stevia extract is usually used as a naturalsweetener due to its high sweetness, low calorie and high temperatureresistance. It is widely used in food, beverage, feed, medicine and otherindustries.Stevia extract was, when ingested cannot digest absorb, steviaextract of upper gastrointestinal tract in the lower part of the digestivetract, mainly by microbes in the cecum into stevia after alcohol, some isabsorbed, and then through the bile excretion, enter into the enterohepaticcirculation, in the end, most of the stevia will be in the form of steviaalcohol from the eduction in feces, only a small percentage of will pass urineexcretion, its quantity of heat through the colon in the gut microbialfermentation using indirect heat generated after short chain fatty acids, theheat generated by the very low, so does not cause the body fat as well as theproblems caused by over heat and disease, therefore,Many products use steviaextract as a sugar substitute to reduce calories in food and drinks.

Stevia extract in people not involved inmetabolism, also do not accumulate, through research, experiment andinvestigation, are able to prove that the stevia extract is a non-toxicmaterial, in addition, there was also no mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenicstevia extract, as a sweetener, security is quite high, it is relative with ourprevious commonly used some cane sugar, aspartame, sucralose, sweet elementsuch as sweetener, stevia extract is also more healthy.

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