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Can stevia really cure diabetes

Stevia lowers blood sugar?A lot of peoplewonder, how can a sweetener that tastes so sweet have the effect of loweringblood sugar?It's amazing.With this kind of doubt, I searched a lot of data onthe Internet, and the results were surprising. Some institutions conductedexperiments on stevia's function of lowering blood glucose. The results showedthat stevia really has the effect of lowering blood glucose, but it is not100%, and it varies from person to person, but it can reduce blood glucose formost people.

Stevia extract a diterpene glycosidestructure, provides the sweet taste, but it is not involved in the body'smetabolism, the substance itself high sweetness, almost no heat, will notaffect the body after eating the rise of blood sugar, fructose and glucosesugar is more common in our daily life, the production of sweeteners, theybelong to the disaccharides, involved in digestion and metabolism in theprocess of our human body to digest can cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

Stevia is an alien species, native to SouthAmerica. When investigating local residents, it was found that few of them haddiabetes. Later, after exploration and research, it was found that steviaresisted the risk of diabetes for local people.

Now the access to stevia is more and moreconvenient, and the progress of technology has made considerable guarantee forthe quality of products.

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