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How to determine the purity of gardenoside

Geniposide is the main effective components in gardenia extract, the rest and hydroxyl different gardenoside, mountain Zhi glucoside, new gardenia glucoside, gardenia fruit derived from plants, gardenoside when save the need to avoid light, and stored in a dry or a silicone seal aluminum bag.

For the determination of gardenoside, it can be generally analyzed by HPLC.

1. Take 7mg sample from gardenoside, put it into a 100ml volumetric flask, and make sample solution with distilled water at a constant volume (the concentration is about 700 g/ml, do not exceed 700 g/ml);

2. Weigh 7mg standard gardenoside after vacuum drying, put it into a 100ml volumetric flask, and use distilled water for constant volume to make standard solution;

3. HPLC method was used for analysis, and peak area of sample solution and standard solution was compared.

The content of gardenoside can be determined by this method. The calculation method is the content of gardenoside (mg). The liquid peak area of the sample *7(mg)/ standard liquid peak area.

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