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What is the best sweetener

Currently, there are many sweeteners usedin the world. According to the different sources of sweeteners, they can bedivided into artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners. According to thenutritional value of sweeteners, they can be divided into non-nutritivesweeteners and nutritive sweeteners.

Many substances that provide sweetness,such as glucose, fructose and sucrose, are often referred to as sugar.Sweeteners are added in the food production process, which can not only meetconsumers' demand for sweetness, taste and other senses, but also meet thedemand for more food production processes.Moreover, sweeteners are not onlyused in the food industry, but also widely used in feed, daily chemicals andother fields.

With the continuous improvement of healthawareness and the progress of The Times, people's pursuit of sweeteners is nolonger limited to the satisfaction of the senses, but from the perspective ofhealth, it is required to meet the sensory needs and not cause harm to ourhealth. If it helps our health, it is the best.Then, through the research andexperiment, found that the stevia leaves could extract the sweetener, it is akind of stevia extract, main effective components for stevia sugar, and theapplication of stevia in South America of origin have several hundred years ofhistory, and found no effective case to human body, in the last century Japanpharmacologist also has carried on the experiment to stevia, found no toxicityof stevia.

In the current market, we can see manybeverages, coffee, food, etc., consumption stevia extract in stevia extract asthe effective ingredient stevia as the best application of sugar replacement.

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