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Why does stevia win people's attention

Obesity, dental caries, the number ofdiabetes patients in showed a trend of rising every year, which is closelyrelated to our diet, poor diet and dietary habits affect our health, sweetenersintake is one of the very important matter, in the past, is the main sugar onus, was also studies produced by artificial sweeteners, such as sweet, newsweet, aspartame these, we are not strange, its application in some snacks,dessert, but as people realize the side effects of cane sugar, artificialsweeteners, brings to the human body, dental caries, obesity, diabetes andother diseases),Start looking for a sweetener that is healthy, safe and has noside effects.

Later, stevia sugar gradually appeared inthe variety of food composition table, this is a kind of stevia extract,extract the stevia in plants, the most common is soft drinks, coffee andproducers in the slogan of 0 fat, won the attention for the product, graduallyfound that more and more products began to use stevia sugar to replacing partof sucrose on the taste, heat made the better choice.In fact, the use of steviahas helped us reduce the intake of sucrose and artificial sweeteners, greatlyreducing the side effects after use, which is a good application and progressfor our health.

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