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Who is the best sweetener

Stevia is now very popular a kind of plant,because can be extracted from the stevia leaves stevia extract, it is the maineffective components of stevia glycoside, it mainly in food, feed, chemicalindustry is used as a sweetener and taste masking agent used material, and itis also a kind of nutritious substances, can not only increase the sweetness,improve the taste is not harmonious, can also play the role of help to ourhealth.

We eat stevia extract in moderation everyday to replace sugar, glucose, aspartame, cyclooxycyte and other sweeteners. Itcan not only reduce the risk of obesity and childhood dental caries, but alsoprevent obesity and childhood dental caries. Sounds great!In addition, steviaextract can not only relieve fatigue, promote normal metabolism, preventdiabetes, hypertension and high blood sugar, protect dry, reduce thetransaminase in the liver, repair damaged liver cells and enhance thedetoxification function of the liver.

Stevia extract has so many magical properties,are you interested in eating it?

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