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The key application field of gardenoside

In ancient times, gardenia was used as anatural Chinese medicine, it slightly with some sour bitter taste, cold, butnon-toxic, was used for hemostasis, purging fire, protecting the liver,promoting bile secretion or promoting gallbladder emptying, reducing bloodpressure, swelling and other USES.In modern studies, it is found that gardeniagardenia contains rich ingredients, among which gardenia gardenia glycoside hasa high application value. It is extracted and purified from gardenia gardeniaand used in many industries, including food, wine, medicine, health careproducts, dyes and skin care products.

Gardenoside, as an effective component ofgardenia fruit, belongs to the iridoid, which can be identified by highperformance liquid chromatography, and its content can bedetermined.Gardenoside has high medicinal value, which can be seen from theancient application of gardenia. As the extract of gardenia, gardenoside hashigh application value.In addition, gardenoside can also form natural foodpigments after fermentation under different conditions, such as gardenia red,gardenia blue, gardenia green, etc. As an ideal natural pigment raw material,gardenoside is not only easy to color, but also has good safety and is deeplyloved by people.

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