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Where is gardenoside extracted

Gardenoside, as a plant extract extractedand purified from gardenia, is widely used in dyestuff, medicine, food andother industries.Today we will learn about the origin of gardenia gardenia.

Gardenia, famous mountains, gardenia yellowgardenia, the earliest recorded in the "huang di", are classified asmedium, it belongs to the rubiaceae gardenia evergreen shrubs, widelydistributed in tropical and subtropical regions, strong adaptation, globalgardenia in about 250, in China there are four main, gardenia, key gardenianarrow leaf, hainan gardenia, gardenia.

Gardenia fruit as an egg shape round oroval shape, surface or reddish brown is red and yellow, with five to eight wingshape and longitudinal edge, the edge between longitudinal veins tend to have aclear, gardenia has branch, at the top of the branches of the remaining sepals,base slightly acute, with the remaining fruit stalk, the skin is a little withsome luster, and thin brittle, inner surface of color is more shallow, withsheen, there are 2 ~ 3 uplift of the diaphragm.Gardenia seeds are mainlyoblong, deep red or red and yellow, the surface is also a dense process ofsmall warts.

As far as we know, gardenoside is thehighest content in the fruit kernel, so to extract more gardenoside, you canstart from the fruit kernel, the content of fruit, peel and other parts is alsogood.

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