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How to buy pure gardenoside?

I know that thereare many methods to identify gardenoside, among which ir, uv and HPLC are themost commonly used methods.

The identificationof gardenoside by infrared spectroscopy is mainly due to the characteristicabsorption peak of its molecular structure in the infrared spectrum, so it canbe used to identify gardenoside by infrared spectroscopy.

The reason thatgardenoside can be identified by uv spectrophotometry is that the uv absorptionspectrum of gardenoside is superposed by the characteristic absorption spectraof each component. Under certain conditions, as long as each componentcontained is basically the same, the uv absorption spectra are similar, sogardenoside can be identified by uv spectrophotometry.

To identifygardenoside by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), it is necessaryto extract and purify the gardenoside sample and then use HPLC to identify it.The content of gardenoside can be determined by peak area quantitative analysisand retention time qualitative analysis.

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How to buy pure gardenoside?

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