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What are the main useful substances extracted from gardenia

Gardenia in China is a kind of importantpharmacological effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), its applicationhistory is very long, in the clinical application of TCM, gardenia has thetreatment of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, jaundice hepatitissymptoms, in addition, gardenia can also used as heat-clearing and detoxifyingdrugs and bacteriostatic agent, stop bleeding, heat dissipation effect.

The chemical composition of the gardenia,there are more than 100 species, and complex, so far found about flavonoids,terpenoids, organic acid, polysaccharide, cycloalkene ether lipids, alcohols,etc., with the continuous development of technology and research and in-depth,people mainly extract gardenoside from gardenia yellow pigment and application,gardenoside is a composition of found in large Numbers in gardenia, can rise toease diarrhea symptoms, such as clear heat, anti-inflammatory effect.

In the comparative experiment on thecontent of gardenoside in kernels, fruits and skins, we can find that thecontent of gardenoside in kernels is the highest.As for the extraction ofgardenoside, many methods can be adopted, mainly solvent extraction method,including immersion method, reflux extraction method, supercritical fluidextraction method, microwave extraction method and so on.

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