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How to differentiate gardenoside

Gardenoside is a kind of iridoid glycoside compound, which is mainly derived from the fruit of rubiaceae plant gardenia. There are many methods for the identification of gardenoside. HPLC, infrared spectroscopy and ultraviolet spectroscopy are the most commonly used methods.

When using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), appropriate amount of gardenoside was extracted and purified first, and peak area quantitative analysis, retention time qualitative analysis and other parameters were used to determine gardenoside and its content.

Infrared spectroscopy is to use the characteristics of the molecular structure of gardenoside in the infrared spectrum has a characteristic absorption peak to identify whether gardenoside.

The implementation of uv spectrophotometry is because the ultraviolet absorption spectrum of gardenia gardenia is formed by the superposition of the characteristic absorption spectrum of each component of gardenia gardenia. Under certain conditions, as long as the components contained are basically the same, the ultraviolet absorption spectrum will show similarity, and the purified gardenia gardenia glycoside can be identified by uv spectrophotometry.

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