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The character and application of gardenoside

Geniposide,glycosides, also known as Beijing to hydroxyl gardenoside, belong to theiridoid compounds, is a kind of from the dry mature fruit of gardeniajasminoides rubiaceae plant through the use of advanced extraction technologyof refined products, according to the content of high and low, with a white tobrownish yellow crystalline powder, slightly has smell, soluble in water,soluble in ethanol, insoluble in petroleum ether, the formulas for gardenosideC17H24O10, relative molecular mass of 388, melting point is 622.2 at 760 MMHG, flash point is 224 , the density is 1.49 g/cm3.

Gardenoside hasmany USES. It can be used as a natural edible colorant according to differentfermentation conditions, including gardenia red and gardenia blue. It can also beused as a raw material for the treatment of liver and gallbladder, blood andcerebral vessels, diabetes and other diseases.

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