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Application of gardenoside in agriculture

About the use ofgardenoside effect, small make up have previously introduced geniposide iswidely used in the pharmaceutical industry, I wonder if you remember, todaysmall make up to say is the application of geniposide in the agriculturalindustry, relative to use in the field of medicine, people use of geniposide inthe field of agriculture may be relatively unfamiliar, the following content isthe small make up in the application of geniposide in agricultural.

Gardenoside ZengChanJican be used as a plant in the field of agriculture, through the use ofgeniposide can produce some new kind of compound ZengChanJi, for crops such ascotton, cucumber and wheat has obvious increasing production effect, no sideeffects found in the experimental process, therefore, safe in use, thus alsovisible, gardenoside and will have broad prospect of application in theagricultural sector.

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