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Inositol is introduced

Inositol, alias: myosugar;Cyclohexanol;Inositol (inositol).Inositol, widely distributed in animals and plants, is a growth factor of animals and microorganisms. It was first isolated from myocardium and liver.

It has the following functions:

Inositol helps prevent arteriosclerosis and removes liver fat.

It can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair loss and eczema.

Lack of inositol can cause eczema and hair loss, and frequent coffee drinkers should drink more inositol.

Deep processing of inositol can be made into products such as inositol methyl ether, inositol peptide, inositol organic acid lipid, inositol inorganic acid ester, halogenated inositol, phosphoinositol lipid, amino cyclic glycol, which is of great practical value in medicine, electricity, transportation, energy, electronics, chemical industry and other industries.

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