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  • Tue Dec 31 17 The Chinese stevia extract is a popular plant extract Stevia extract, a kind of natural plant extracts, this kind of plant extracts with the taste of sugar is most close to, therefore, are often used as a natural sweeteners, it is understood that the ste... READ MORE
  • Tue Dec 31 17 What is the development trend of stevia extract? Stevia extract is a natural sweetener is very popular, is also a kind of plant extracts from stevia plants, this kind of plant extracts on production and manufacturing, the use of stevia extract could... READ MORE
  • Mon Dec 30 16 What are the performance features of naringenin? Naringenin, is a white needle crystal or fine powder, it is by the naringin as raw material, through hydrolysis, get rid of a molecular rat glycosides of sugar and glucose after li yuan, therefore, we... READ MORE
  • Mon Dec 30 16 What effect does plant extract have? Plant extracts is plant as raw material to extract its all or part of the separation of active ingredients, in food, beverage, medicine, health care products, chemical, biological, chemical, cosmetic,... READ MORE
  • Mon Dec 30 16 Which sweetener do you like? One plant extract that can be isolated from stevia leaves is the popular stevia extract. What makes stevia extract so popular?First, stevia extract is very sweet, 200 to 300 times sweeter than sucrose... READ MORE

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