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  • Tue Nov 20 11 Citrus extract Name: citrus extractSource: citrusDetection method: HPLCContent: 10:1 (%)Storage period: 24 (month)Citrus include oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, tangerines, etc.Citrus is rich in sugar, acid... READ MORE
  • Fri Nov 16 17 Stevia Extract Stevia Extract-It is to separate the liquid from the leaves and stems by soaking the stevia leaves in water, and further use water or food grade alcohol for purification - completely traditional plant... READ MORE
  • Fri Nov 16 17 hesperidin diosmin hesperidin diosmin, hesperidin one of the vitamin P flavonoids is mainly found in citrus fruit, especially in the peel of citrus, orange, sweet orange and lemon.The extracted hesperidin product is whi... READ MORE
  • Fri Nov 16 17 citrus aurantium extract diosmin citrus aurantium extract diosmin for the enhancement of venous tension drug and vascular protectant.First of all for the venous system, this product by extension.Epinephrine ACTS on the wall of the ve... READ MORE
  • Fri Nov 16 16 phosphatidyl serine phosphatidyl serine or PS for short, is a kind of ubiquitous phospholipids, usually located in the inner layer of the cell membrane. Phosphoglycerides in phosphoester compounds are one of the componen... READ MORE

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